The Writerati is a Mastermind group for professional writers, created by Randy Cassingham, the founder of This is True and the author of 38 books (including several in progress).

Decidedly Not a “Guru Group”

Internet marketers have bastardized the term “mastermind” lately. The Writerati is not a place for wanna-be writers to sit at Randy’s feet to hope for wisdom to be bestowed upon ye. Rather, it’s a place for peers: professionals who want to learn from each other to be better writers, and continually improve their writing businesses to produce higher levels of success on an ongoing basis.

It doesn’t matter whether you write fiction, non-fiction, books, short pieces, scripts, or how-tos. It doesn’t matter if you’re self-published or generally write for giant New York publishers (or big Hollywood studios). What matters is that you’re an already successful, published writer who makes the majority of your earned income from writing, but want to learn more to increase your success.

None of us is an expert in all aspects of writing and publishing; you’re probably an expert about several things, and completely clueless about other things. You might be a great storyteller but not understand how to market your stories. You might be great at building an audience, but not know how to monetize your efforts to keep your business sustainable. By gathering together to help each other learn, The Writerati itself is the “master mind” that you can tap on an ongoing basis to continually improve.

Who is Eligible

The Writerati is for successful professional writers: those who put words into the right order and make most of their income from that work. This isn’t a place for wanna-bes who like to sit around talking about how great it would be to have finished a writing project — the sort you generally meet at writer’s conferences. If you are a professional writer (makes most of your living with writing) who wants to interact regularly with other professional writers to share knowledge to improve your writing business, you should seriously consider applying to join.

How the Group is Organized

Again, The Writerati is a peer group, not a guru group. That said, nothing bogs down like an organization run by a committee. You want to interact with other successful writers to learn and share, not spend your time on group dynamics. Randy has nearly 20 years of experience in running Mastermind groups, and runs The Writerati so you don’t have to. It’s operated as a “Benevolent Dictatorship” with a Board of Advisers.

The primary mode of communication among group members is by an email list. Messages sent to the list address are immediately distributed to all members. You thus need to be fairly “email centric” — not get overwhelmed by a large number of messages, perhaps on a daily basis. All email posts should have a clearly descriptive subject so those interested in the topic can follow, have substance (no “Ha Ha” or “me too” posts, please), and be respectful of your fellow professionals’ time.

We will also have yearly in-person meetings to increase the bandwidth of discussions, and get to know each other better — which greatly enhances the email list experience. We’ll meet in the Denver area (a nice central hub), and can revisit the schedule (want to meet more often?) and location once things are rolling. Meeting registration will be in the $300-400 range.

Active participation is required of all members. You don’t have to read threads on topics that are not of interest (no need to read “Latest Macintosh/Windows writing tools” if you don’t have a Mac or Windows computer!), but you should read most threads, and weigh in when you have expertise in the topic. Those who don’t “actively participate” will be warned and, if that doesn’t get things moving, will be asked to leave the group.

As the group is still new, membership is currently open to application. There is a strict limit of 50 members, but Randy expects there will be more like 20 or 30 for awhile. Some will check it out and find out they’re not a fit, and that’s OK. Once the group settles in, membership will change to invitation only (new members must be sponsored by an existing member). The key is not in simply filling seats, but getting a good mix of people who will participate in the give and take with the goal of improving their writing businesses.

Why Randy

A life-long writer (first published in 1980), Randy is best known as the founder and author of the oldest online entertainment feature, This is True (weekly since early 1994). Randy also has a knack for running Mastermind groups: in 1999, he created a peer Mastermind group for online entrepreneurs. It has created dozens of millionaires — and is still going strong. That kind of longevity is unheard of in Mastermind groups, and Randy is bringing his proven expertise in running groups to The Writerati.

What Are The Dues, and Why?

Annual dues are waived as we ramp up. If you like what you see building, continue on for the dues in effect at that time. After that, Charter members (the first 20 members) will be grandfathered at the starting rate as long as their membership is continuous. Joining now does not obligate you to pay dues! The whole point is to see if we’re a good fit with each other. If you’re getting significant value from being in the group and wish to continue once we’re up to speed, then you’ll decide whether you wish to stay once dues start.

As for “why,” by paying “significant” dues you’re more motivated to pay attention to the group and participate, which is what creates the value for everyone. And certainly, the value received should be many, many times the dues paid (and if not, then it’s not the group for you). Second, it does take time to keep the group running smoothly, and dues pay for that time. The result: you get to concentrate on improving your writing and your business to meet your success goals.

Group Charter

The Writerati is a peer group of successful professional writers who help each other succeed by openly discussing tactics and strategies, marketing ideas, and other advice to help each other become more successful, however it is they measure “success.” Members pledge to keep all group communications confidential, and discussions take place by email and at in-person conferences.

The Writerati is run solely by its founder, Randy Cassingham, with counsel from a volunteer Board of Advisers. Randy’s decisions are considered final, and are based on the next paragraph.

The Writerati is a private, invitation-only group. Members agree that membership is at the pleasure of other members, the Board of Advisors and/or the Founder. Any member may be asked (or forced) to resign should their continued membership be deemed to be detrimental to any other member.

Interested? Then Apply!

See the application link in the menu bar (top of page). Because we’re in start-up mode, the application is “public” — the password is Ready (caps count). You can use Randy Cassingham as your sponsor, unless someone else invited you, in which case please do use their name. Thanks for your interest, and best wishes for your continued success as a writer.

logo-zoomOh, and Yes: the group name is a bit of a joke — a twist on both the “literati” and the “the Illuminati.” Randy came up with it as he was creating the group. Writers may be loners, but we like to feel special and part of something bigger.

(MMXVI is, of course, our founding year: 2016.)