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Important: Carefully read all of this page before applying!

Consider printing it for careful offline consideration.

What the Group Is: Despite the tongue-in-cheek name, The Writerati is a place for serious, successful professional writers. Yes, part of the reason we work for ourselves is for fun, and being in this group is fun, too. But primarily, we’re here to support each other, open each other up to new ideas, new technologies, and new ways of doing things, all in order to help each other succeed even more.

You are likely successful because you’re a “jack of all trades,” but no one knows everything, and you could well be leaving significant success on the table because you haven’t thought of how X technology, Y methodology, or Z monetization technique might apply to your writing business. Other members have likely thought of things you haven’t — and you have thought of things they haven’t. By getting together and sharing what works, we all benefit.

We have two main ways of sharing our expertise with each other: 1) an active email discussion list, and 2) “high bandwidth” discussions at in-person conferences (via Zoom until it’s safe, pandemic-wise, to meet in person). Both are considered critical elements: you are highly encouraged to come to a conference as soon as possible so you can get to know who it is you’re interacting on the discussion list. Of course, offlist one-on-one interaction is also encouraged.

Group Structure: The group is a closed, limited-membership, invitation-only organization. Because of this, it’s rather difficult for an outsider to see how valuable membership might be. So if you haven’t chatted with your sponsor(s) about what they are getting from the group, we urge you to do so right now. Call them on the phone (email’s bandwidth is too small!) and listen to their passion, their “What I get out of this group” highlights. By inviting you, they think you would both fit in, and benefit. Your respect for your sponsor’s opinion should be your guide: they think it’s important enough to ask you to join; they think both you and the group would benefit by your presence. If you respect their opinion, give their recommendation serious thought.

The Writerati is unlike most mastermind groups which center around a niche “guru” (with often five-figure annual “dues” costs charged for the “honor” of some level of access to that guru). Here, all members are peers; no one, including the founder, is considered “the” group guru. That said, this is Randy’s group, so when “management” is needed, he’s the manager.

Also, unlike those “guru” groups where the primary membership requirement is the ability to pay the five-figure dues, we have a fairly stringent application procedure — there are “hoops” to jump through — because we all end up being friends here. We are very welcoming to those who jump through those hoops, outlined on this page, because your answers demonstrate how well you’ll fit in. We do know the hoops are tedious, and hope you understand this is how we ensure you will fit in.

Group Charter: The Writerati is an invitation-only group of successful online entrepreneurs who help each other succeed by openly discussing tactics and strategies, marketing ideas, and other advice to help each other become more successful, however it is they measure “success.” Members pledge to keep all group communications confidential, and discussions take place by email and at in-person conferences.

Due to the wide ranging nature of group discussions — and the fun and interactive nature of the group — the typical mail load from other such groups is 5-15 messages per day. It doesn’t really seem that much once you get to know the people here, but if you can’t handle that much mail (filtering the messages into a “Writerati” folder is of course suggested), please do not apply.

“Would love to be” a successful professional writer is not enough. Prospective members must already be successful professional writers; part of the idea is that you’re already one of the “Writerati.”

Note that none of this specifies what type of writing you do! The whole idea is to have diversity of thought and expertise so you can learn new things that will help you succeed, perhaps combining elements in a new way that no one else has ever thought of. Thus no specific market niche is required, and indeed we specifically don’t want everyone to be in the same niche!

Hopefully you now know why it was necessary to read this whole page. There is a lot to consider here, so feel free to let this page sit for a day or two (or print it to read offline) while you consider just how much of a compliment it was for you to be invited to join this group.

A Few More Things to Know Before Applying

  • The Process: After you submit your application, it is discussed and then voted on by the entire current membership. All members also have veto power to ensure close competitors are not let in, which would destroy their willingness to participate openly, and to ensure we have a good mix of solid professionals who have something real to contribute to others. So please remember that if your membership is not accepted, this does not mean you are not a worthy writer; you may have simply been vetoed for such reasons. (Which, of course, means you should do a good job to “sell yourself” in your application to show you will contribute value!)
  • Probation: If you are accepted, you’ll have probationary status. You must be an active participant on the discussion list for at least six months and attend at least one conference before you can get off probation. Once you have met those requirements, Board members vote on whether you may progress to full membership. In Randy’s experience, it is rare for an active participant not to pass that final hurdle.
  • Dues: Current membership dues are waived until at least January 1, 2022. At that time dues will be set, and are expected to be in the range of $1,000-1,500. In-person conferences are typically in the $300-500 range.
  • Membership: The Writerati is a private, invitation-only group. All members agree that their membership is at the pleasure of the Founder and/or the Board of Advisers. Any member may be asked (or forced) to resign if — in the sole opinion of the above — their continued membership is deemed to be detrimental to any other member or the group as a whole, or if the member no longer meets the Membership Criteria then in effect.

Now: if all of the attributes described on this page sound like you, you agree to the terms and rules, and you want to associate with a group of people who meet those attributes (which has proven to provide astounding personal and business benefits — talk with your sponsor if you’re not clear about that!), we hope you will apply for The Writerati using the form below.

This Application will be sent to the existing group — your peers — for review (after validation by a moderator). If you have any difficulty in submitting the form, please contact Randy Cassingham for assistance.

  • Please do not give URLs as places to go “for more information” — everything that current members need to know to evaluate your application must be contained within your application. But obviously, we’d like to be able visit your main site(s) too, so we do ask for URLs.
  • Two important facts: 1) It’s quite likely many of the members who review your application won’t know who you are, even if you are a star in your particular niche; and 2) We are very selective about accepting new members. So please: sell yourself in your application!
  • A key criterion is what you would bring to the group, so pay particular attention to the “Tell Us About Yourself” section and the last two questions.

OK: Let’s Roll! (the actual application)

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